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Hi list,

I have added a Lua starter package to the Google AI Challenge - Ants (2011)*.
It doesn't aim to be optimized, but allow you to start quickly to make your AI in Lua.
(I just converted the JavaScript starter package to Lua.)

It can be downloaded here:

Enjoy ;)

Julien D.

NB: I'm not involved in the Google AI Challenge development, I'm just a user :)

PS: You can follow my bot at:
And (for the curious ones) you can see my bot in the previous contest:
(was done in Lua, which was not fully supported by the server, so was submitted as C++)


*What is Google AI Challenge ?

"The Google AI Challenge is all about creating artificial intelligence, whether you are a beginning programmer or an expert. Using one of the easy-to-use starter kits, you will create a computer program (in any language) that controls a colony of ants which fight against other colonies for domination."

It is still in beta, but you already can play with ;)