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On 14/09/2011 5.11, Gerry Weaver wrote:
Well... since the topic of this thread was originally about LuaJIT on
Windows, I would direct you to the LuaJIT website. Under the
installation instructions you can find a link to the free Microsoft
Visual C++ 2010 Express compiler. You can also just follow the link
below. It installs just like any other Windows application. Just give it
a shot and let me know if you have any problems ;-)

Last time I looked (2005 version), you couldn't compile to a portabile .exe with the Express version, or more exactly you could by getting through another large installation (SDK) and a hairy configuration process. I hope things have changed since then. Besides, Visual C++ Express is bulky and intrusive: unless I am mistaken, it also installs a database server and changes many file associations without giving any choice. Not all users would like that.

I'd rather follow the first of Mike's suggestions and just use MinGW (Code:Blocks could be a simple one-stop choice).