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Am 15.08.11 00:38, schrieb Patrick Mc(avery:
>> Choosing GPL over a MIT/BSD style license mean limiting the use of a
>> software.  Think of it.  There is a reason why many smart people choose
>> an MIT/BSD/ISC style license over the GPL.
> Hi Marc
> I think you are a really bright person and a solid contributor to the
> list but please don't insult everyone who respects what GPL is about. We
> are way offtopic but I am learning a lot from this thread, if this
> thread gets heated Roberto or Luiz will shut it down. It's "on topic"
> for me as it will help me to construct applications that would also of
> course involve Lua-Patrick

That was not an insult.  Think of it.  It was a suggestion to think over
a licensing issue.