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On Sun, Aug 14, 2011 at 3:31 AM, Lars Doelle <> wrote:
> Now having a strong GPL background, i would not license my work under
> MIT/X11 and wonder, if this would be considered a violation of habits,
> thus making a publication partically useless. Could anyone please tell me
> if there's a common position here on this matter.

I'm presuming that your work is designed to be used with Lua. I'm
fairly new to Lua myself, but given that one of its strong points is
the ability to embed the executable (and libraries for it) in host
apps, GPL licensing would be a potential legal blocker on your work
from being embedded in apps that are not open source.

It might still be permissible to integrate your work with a closed
source program if your work is shipped as one or more separate files,
depending on how the closed source program interacts with your work.
The FSF has a detailed FAQ that in part deals with such issues.

Best regards,