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oliver <> writes:
>> > I'm a Lua guy, but I prefer locals by default and grouping by
>> > indentation, if I had my druthers (which of course I never will).
>> > Here's why I prefer grouping by indentation:
>> Indeed, those features are perfect for trivially tiny example
>> programs ... :]
> Actually, trivially tiny example programs are the only place that
> unindented code makes sense.

Sure, but my point has nothing to do with "unindented code" though.
My point is that using explicit delimiters _as well_ as good
indentation helps readability in real code.  Indentation is obviously
important, but it's really not sufficient.  Some redundancy is _good_.

[I do think it's nice to have a way of avoiding end-delimiters for
"very short" blocks -- one-liners and the like]


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