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I've been working on a little language heavily inspired by
CoffeeScript, which I've called MoonScript. The homepage is located at

It compiles into Lua, but there are numerous ways to actually run the code.

The parser is all done in LPeg, and the majority of the compiler
itself is written in MoonScript. I've also used a few other libraries
(listed on the site) to build the tools.

I've also written copious amounts of documentation in the hopes that
someone will actually use it,

The source is located on GitHub:

I've successfully installed it with LuaRocks on both Linux and OSX. I
have not tried it on Windows, but I don't see why it wouldn't work.

I think there's some pretty cool stuff in it. By just requiring
"moonscript", you can make the require function MoonScript aware and
have it automatically build and run .moon files as you would with .lua
files. I've also got line number reversal, so errors that happen in
the compiled Lua are rewritten to point back to the original
MoonScript line.

Anyway, check it out the docs to see the rest of the features. I'd
appreciate any input (including feature requests). This is the initial
release so there might be some bumps.

Thanks, Leaf