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2011/6/23 Rebel Neurofog <>:
> I apologize for this annoying theme.
> I'd like to ask Lua maintainers if they are planning to expand
> constant table capacity.
> Of course I understand, that SIZE_Bx == 18 is hardcoded deep inside LuaVM.
> But I think that Lua is the best about storing data compilable rather
> than parseable.
> Compilable data can give out static or generated (even with input
> using '...') data.
> If you don't trust it - just put it into a sandbox.
> In my case I met the constrain in a mesh declaration for hairs.
> And it contained only numbers: the table couldn't be compiled due to
> this constrain:(
> Well, I have a binary mesh format and a C binding loading it.
> I will write a C helper for parsing binary data.
> But sometimes it's a pity that just can't do it my favorite way.
> So the question to Lua maintainers is simple: are your planning to
> redesign this in time or
> I should rely on some other ways?

You can always split your data in chunks into separate function to
beat that limit. It makes the data file a bit harder to generate, but
not that much (especially if you already have some infrastructure to
make it human-readable).