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I apologize for this annoying theme.

I'd like to ask Lua maintainers if they are planning to expand
constant table capacity.
Of course I understand, that SIZE_Bx == 18 is hardcoded deep inside LuaVM.
But I think that Lua is the best about storing data compilable rather
than parseable.
Compilable data can give out static or generated (even with input
using '...') data.
If you don't trust it - just put it into a sandbox.

In my case I met the constrain in a mesh declaration for hairs.
And it contained only numbers: the table couldn't be compiled due to
this constrain:(
Well, I have a binary mesh format and a C binding loading it.
I will write a C helper for parsing binary data.
But sometimes it's a pity that just can't do it my favorite way.

So the question to Lua maintainers is simple: are your planning to
redesign this in time or
I should rely on some other ways?