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I used this makefile to compile it on osx 10.6:

# makefile for lua-cjson library for Lua

# change these to reflect your Lua installation
LUA=  /Users/veleno/workspace/lua-5.1.4
LUAINC= $(LUA)/src
LUALIB= $(LUA)/src
LUABIN= $(LUA)/src

# these will probably work if Lua has been installed globally
#LUA= /usr/local
#LUAINC= $(LUA)/include
#LUALIB= $(LUA)/lib
#LUABIN= $(LUA)/bin

# probably no need to change anything below here
CC= gcc
WARN= -ansi -pedantic -Wall
#MAKESO= $(CC) -shared
MAKESO= env MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET=10.3 $(CC) -bundle -undefined dynamic_lookup

MYNAME= cjson
T= $(MYNAME).so
OBJS= $(MYLIB).o strbuf.o
TEST= tests/test.lua

o: $(MYLIB).o

so: $T

$T: $(OBJS)
$(MAKESO) -o $@ $(OBJS)

test: $T
$(LUABIN)/lua $(TEST)

rm -f $(OBJS) $T *.so

@echo "$(MYNAME) library:"
@fgrep '/**' $(MYLIB).c | cut -f2 -d/ | tr -d '*' | sort | column

# eof

On Mon, May 9, 2011 at 4:09 PM, liam mail <> wrote:

On 9 May 2011 14:42, Louis-Philippe <> wrote:
Under OSX,
doesn't seem to compile, I get:

anybody had success with Mac 10.6?



2011/5/9 Mark Pulford <>

On Sun, May 08, 2011 at 09:10:55PM -0700, Gu Di wrote:
> Cool! How does your library compare to lua-yajl?

I mostly wrote CJSON as part of another project last year when the
JSON options appeared to be a bit more limited. Hence I haven't
specifically tested Lua YAJL.

However, an unfair extrapolation of the JsonModules wiki suggests:
- CJSON should provide 2x decoding, 5x encoding performance.
- Lua YAJL has a streaming interface (CJSON doesn't).
- CJSON has options to handle sparse arrays safely.
- CJSON doesn't have any external dependencies other than Lua.

I'm sure there is more to it than that - I'd recommend testing them
yourself to be sure. JSON performance can vary widely based depending
on the input and the implementation.


It does not link Lua, it simply requires adding "-llua" to the LDFLAGS.