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On 3/23/2011 8:16 AM, Dimiter "malkia" Stanev wrote:
> I'm using cygwin's git, and it works just fine. There is even gitk for
> UI.
> From the cmd.exe:
> c:> sh -c "gitk"
> and for git, just
> c:> git cmd ...
We're getting quite off-topic here, but FYI, Cygwin's git (last I've
read) is dangerous to mix with others on Windows, because the MinGW git
(and, e.g., TortoiseGIT) use different paths than Cygwin, and the
repository can be confused/corrupted if you try to mix the two. Not sure
if they've fixed this.

As I strongly prefer MinGW to Cygwin, I made sure that Cygwin's git
wasn't even installed on my system; going entirely through MinGW git,
even from the Cygwin command line, which I'm still stuck using from time
to time, works well for me (only for local or relative paths, of
course). Even absolute paths can be run through `cygpath -w ...` and
handed to MinGW git.