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On Fri, Mar 04, 2011 at 09:37:39AM +0530, Jayanth Acharya wrote:
> > I tried not to put too many duplicates in the Debian archive, thus you
> > will not find many alternatives there. Of course you can use luarocks to
> > get any library that is not packaged.
> The set of packages available seem good for starts.
> However, having gone through the rock catalog, identifying what-all I
> might be interested in, here is a list that is not available on Ubuntu
> as apt packages....
> Alien, bit32, CGILua, ConcurrentLua, Lanes, config, HTK, lbase64,
> lpack, tamales, tethys, xssfilter, Loop, lpc, lrandom, lposix,
> lua-espeak, ReCaptcha, sputnik, sociallua, lua-imlib2, lua-spore...
> amongst few others.

False, as Debian packages you have: posix, sputnik, CGILua, bitop, and
you can find base64 encoding in luasocket. And as suggested, you can
install luarocks and then fetch all you need with it.

Did you enabled the universe repository?

> Is it because they are not so popular / commonly used, or because they
> not well maintained and/or not very stable / depracated, or because
> the set which is available already has the alternatives ?

It's because someone has to maintain these packages. Making a new
package is easy, but maintaing it takes time. And since I'm the one
maintaining them in my free time...

So I've essentially packaged the dependencies of sputnik, prosody and
freepops plus some other nice libs like lpeg, lua-gtk and some essentials
for unix systems like lposix.

Enrico Tassi