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> Alien, bit32, CGILua, ConcurrentLua, Lanes, config, HTK, lbase64,
> lpack, tamales, tethys, xssfilter, Loop, lpc, lrandom, lposix,
> lua-espeak, ReCaptcha, sputnik, sociallua, lua-imlib2, lua-spore...
> amongst few others.
> Is it because they are not so popular / commonly used, or because they
> not well maintained and/or not very stable / depracated, or because
> the set which is available already has the alternatives ?

Speaking just for my own modules, I would say that in two cases
(xssfilter, recaptcha) for me as the developer it's the fact that they
can be easily installed either by hand or via LuaRocks, while in the
third (sputnik), it is also a matter of wanting to make sure that
people install the latest version. (In fact, I usually try to convince
people to get the version out of git.) Oh, and of course the lack of

   - yuri