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> On a second though I suppose so, but renaming would be trivial, if really
> and absolutely necessary.... Don't get me wrong, I really like the
> Keplerproject, but CGILua is really much more like the wsgi module for
> Python, than a 'real' CGI Interface.

We have been using this name for more than 13 years:

* Anna M. Hester, Renato Borges and Roberto Ierusalimschy. Cgilua: A
multi-paradigmatic tool for creating dynamic WWW pages. In XI Simpósio
Brasileiro de Engenharia de Software, 1997.

* Anna Hester, Renato Borges, Roberto Ierusalimschy. Building flexible
and extensible Web applications with Lua. Journal of Universal Computer
Science, 4(9):748--762, 1998.

* Roberto Ierusalimschy. Lua and the Web. WWW8 Developer's Day: 14 May 1999.

I do not know what to expect from someone called "Regular Joe", but any
reasonable person would not be even asking whether it is "absolutely
necessary" to change the name of this new project.

-- Roberto