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Hello users of lua-l,

Since this is my first time on this Mailinglist, I thought I might as well start with an introduction
to a project I have been working on since the past weeks.

In short, it consists of a pure Lua CGI Implementation, that also supports RHTML-alike templates as used by the
CGILua project in Keplerproject.

HOWEVER CGI.Lua is not related to CGILua - But let me explain: 

 + It appears that CGILua is more like a wsgi module for Lua, and not so much like a bareboned CGI Interface
 + The usage of CGILua is fairly non-trivial - or so it seems (just dumping my personal experience here)
 + Installation also seems a little quirky

So instead of attempting to fix a project whose API I simply couldn't quite peep through, I have decided to
sit down a minute and crank together an entirely new API.

The usage is as simple as the following:

    CGI = require("CGI")
    cgi = CGI()
    cgi:sendHeader(200, "Content-Type", "text/html")
    cgi:write("Hello World")

Or with Templates:


        CGI = require("CGI")
        env = {}
        env.words = {"Hello", "World"}
        cgi = CGI()
        cgi:sendHeader(200, "Content-Type", "text/html")
        cgi:include("mainpage.lsp", env)


            <% for _, word in pairs(words) do %>
                <i><%= word %></i>&nbsp;
            <% end %>

The template engine is in fact copied from the Kepler Project, mainly because it works too well to rewrite it (many thanks to the Kepler Project at this point!) ;-)

The website for CGI.lua is hosted at sourceforge:

Also, the website of CGI.lua is a fullfledged Wiki Clone I have written using CGI.lua (and luamars from Mars for Operating System stuff, another project of mine:
The wiki engine isn't opensource yet, because i'm no webdesigner, and i'd rather like to hear some opinions first... :-)

CGI.lua is naturally licensed under the same license as Lua, the famous MIT/X11 License, fair trade as it should be. :-)

I look forward to opinions and criticism!

PS: This is my first time on any mailinglist actually, and I apologize if I did something incredibly silly while posting this.