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Hi Jeff,

This looks like a really useful package!

I ran into a couple of small problems building on archlinux:

1) The Makefile uses "lua5.1" for the pkg-config name but on archlinux
    it is just named "lua".

2) The include directory for apr on arch is /usr/include/apr-1 but line 37
    of "errors.lua" has the path hard-coded to /usr/include/apr-1.0 and
    that fails on arch because of the  .0 in the directory name.

But it was easy enough to fix by editing a couple of text files, now I'm
looking forward to a test drive!

Both issues should now be fixed in git HEAD [1]. Thanks for trying it out! It would be great if you can test the changes (no obligation though, but if you need me to prepare another rockspec just ask). The easier I can make it for people to try the binding, the more use it will see :-)

 - Peter Odding