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Hi list,

It's been a while since my last Lua/APR announcement and since then a lot of improvements have been made. For those who didn't read the previous announcement: Lua/APR is a binding to the Apache Portable Runtime, an extended operating system interface that powers software such as the Apache web server and SVN revision control system.

Since my previous announcement I've written a lot of documentation and added more than a thousand lines of unit tests which by now reach about 80% test coverage (I run the test suite on Ubuntu Linux and Windows XP before every release). A lot of new functionality has been added as well:

 - Date parsing
 - Relational database drivers (SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.)
 - DBM routines (Berkeley DB, GDBM, NDBM, SDBM)
 - Network I/O handling (Lua file object compatible sockets)
 - Process handling (with bidirectional pipes!)
 - Shared memory (Lua file object compatible)
 - Multi threading (executing Lua code in a separate state + thread)
 - Thread queues (sharing Lua/APR userdata objects between threads)
 - Character encoding translation (using iconv)
 - XML parsing (using Expat)

I've also written some example Lua scripts, including two proof of concept web servers (one single threaded, the other multi threaded). The examples are included in the git repository and documentation. For more information about Lua/APR please see the following resources:

 - Homepage:
 - Documentation:
 - Git repository:

If you're running LuaRocks on UNIX the following should get you started:

luarocks install

I also publish up to date Windows binaries including the APR libraries and an SQLite driver for anyone wanting to try the binding on Windows:

I hope this is useful to some of you. All feedback is welcome! :-)

 - Peter Odding