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On Sun, Feb 20, 2011 at 10:45:55AM +0000, Rob Kendrick wrote:
> > The pc file in the lua 5.1.4 sources is named "lua.pc".
> I've always seen this as an "example", as the Lua guys didn't want to
> get into the sticky mess of package policy.

That is the whole point. I'm guilty since together with John Belmonte we
decided for lua5.1.pc, while the decision should really have be taken by
the upstreams. Not all lua users are hard code embedders building their
own distro from scratch, please get your head out of the sand!

For the records, in Debian and it's derivatives, the interpreter is
named lua5.1, the lib directory is called lib/lua/5.1/ and the headers
are in include/lua5.1/. The .pc file is lua5.1.pc. I've no strong
opinions on these names, I'd rather prefer them to be standardized.
If there are other distro people listening, I'd be happy to find a
common naming schema with them, but the best solution would be to have
it mentioned in the Lua manual (i.e. written on stone).

Enrico Tassi