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2011/2/14 Axel Kittenberger <>:
> /sorry for thread hijack - a short note of style/
> Please avoid these aggregating, aggresive adjectives. They create an
> aggresive atmosphere (="you are an idiot, and your stuff is junk")
> instead of a friendly one ("lets work on this together").
> A little more courtsey might get you further and get you better
> responses. I can tell myself from now managing an OpenSource Project
> that other people actually use, these kind of insertions just make
> your defense instincts go up, instead of either realizing someone or
> wanting to help notions.

Hi Axel,

I take your remarks, I'm probably not the better diplomat of the world
but please note that I've *never* used words like 'idiot' or 'junk'
for Mike or for the LuaJIT project. I never use this kind of words for
anyone, I'm always polite, and I will never dare to use these kind of
words for Mike or for the LuaJIT project. Mike is one of the best
programmer I've ever been in contact with and LuaJIT2 is an
outstanding project in term of quality and technical merit and will
never express such kind of offense toward them.

You are talking like if I was lacking of courtesy but this is not
actually the case when I said:

> "... and LuaJIT2 failed completely to optimize the implemented algorithm..."

it was meant to be an objective affirmation, not an attack to Mike or
a lack or courtesy. If you look at the first email of Mike you will
see that he wrote:

> You're lucky it runs even that fast. None of the Lua code is compiled, due to all of those tiny loops! Have a look with -jv.

So Mike itself said that the code was not compiled.

To tell the whole history, I was pretty much sure that Mike was going
to be upset because I know that he hardly tolerate any criticism but I
have made anyway my point because it was what I was honestly thinking.

In general I cannot accept to omit to say something just because I
know that someone is going to be upset. I've said something objective
and factual, no offense for anyone, you can look all my email in this
mailing list and you will see I've never used words like 'idiots',
'junk' or similar.

It was also a sort of obligation to make my remarks because it was a
public discussion on a technical subject and I cannot accept that we
draw the wrong conclusions just because I fear that if I say something
Mike will get upset.

And not, criticism is not lack of courtesy. Criticism in necessary to
improve things, this is part of my scientific education.