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>> "... and LuaJIT2 failed completely to optimize the implemented algorithm..."
> it was meant to be an objective affirmation, not an attack to Mike or
> a lack or courtesy. If you look at the first email of Mike you will
> see that he wrote:

I dont know if my message came through to you. I merly said, its much
better courtsey to not use these aggressive adjectives, which you did.

It may sound nitpicking, but for some it makes a hugh difference.
Do not write "failed completly", write "failed". Not "major problem"
but "problem", Not "totally wrong", but "wrong", etc.

> In general I cannot accept to omit to say something just because I
> know that someone is going to be upset. I've said something objective
> and factual, no offense for anyone, you can look all my email in this
> mailing list and you will see I've never used words like 'idiots',
> 'junk' or similar.

I spelled this out for the implicit atmosphere you create by these
adjective.. just try to avoid these adjectives and you get perceived

> And not, criticism is not lack of courtesy. Criticism in necessary to
> improve things, this is part of my scientific education.

I did not write anything about the topic at hand, but the sounding.
If you go into defense and need to explain yourself instead of "ok,
i'll try to avoid these adjectives in future",then you missed your
chance to learn.
I do not tell you what to do, its your decission.
You might have missed the implicits you create by such wording, I told
you, thats all I could do to this.

(last message from on this thread/hijack)

Kind regards, Axel