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Rob Kendrick wrote:

Sure.  But that doesn't limit us to the US.  I'd love to go to another
Lua Workshop, but unfortunately, if it's in the US, it completely
discounts me.  And I know a whole bundle of others who would love to
attend who wouldn't if it were there, too.


I'd say that you seem to have more prejudice than facts in your opinions. The US is fairly cheap right now, and there are places with international airports that have quite inexpensive hotels and facilities. Nobody here has mentioned the expected size of such a gathering, which will greatly influence what is selected. The delegations from Brazil and most of the Americas other than the US will find it expensive and occasionally difficult to get almost anywhere that is not on a fairly high volume and at least semi-direct flight. Switzerland and many other destinations in Europe are more than a bit expensive on the hotel side, but, as I mentioned, many of the smaller and less political Carribean locations are both reasonably priced and fairly easy to get to, without much of a record of violence or prejudice of any kind. Of course, if you go in with a chip on your shoulder, you will probably find someone almost anywhere that will be willing to take a try at knocking it off. Let your conscience be your guide.

Everett L(Rett) Williams II