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> There's a function lake.set_flags() that does the job, e.g
> lake.set_flags {
>   NODEPS = true,
>   NO_COMBINE = true
> }
> Can often get away with just setting as globals but this function
> ensures that the global state is properly updated.

Thanks, this is exactly what I needed.

> The first question is interesting; putting the two files in separate
> groups with separate output directories should work.

This might work in this particular case, but personally I'd like to
have an option to generate the object file in the same location as its
corresponding source file. It might make sense for other practical
For now I'll settle with explicit targets, as they're more than enough
for my (mostly embedded programming) needs and give me a kind of
flexibility that I really enjoy. For example, it's quite easy to set
compilation flags per source file using explicit targets, something
that I needed to do in the past but couldn't find an easy way to
implement so I had to resort to ugly hacks.
Also I found a typo in the documentation (doc/ you have a
reference to "path.change_extension", but the correct name of the
function is "replace_extension" (which is correctly documented in the
"Lake as a Lua library" section).