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> The first question is interesting; putting the two files in separate
> groups with separate output directories should work.

Another question: can I force a target to run from inside Lake before
the default target runs? I am trying to split my build in two distinct

1. dependencies (generated in a separate directory by a special rule
using 'gcc -MMD'; they will get updated only if the source file
changes, just like an object file)
2. the actual lakefile target (the executable). This needs to read the
files generated in step 1 above to build the actual set of
dependencies for each source file as reported by 'gcc -MMD'

The problem is that step 1 above must be complete before step 2 runs
as the dependencies are the output of step 1. I couldn't find a way to
do this with Lake. Of course there's the obvious solution of calling
'lake' twice with different targets :), I was just curious if you can
do it with a single lakefile.