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On Monday 31 January 2011 16:00:07 Axel Kittenberger wrote:

> A hour time is something quite great to get! In science you hardly
> ever get that anymore, only exceptions are teaching and keynotes.
> Otherwise everybody must be able to present all s/he done in 10-15
> minutes. I think one could do that for Lua as well, at least the one
> aspect you want to get over. So what is that what your audience wants
> from you?
> Possibly your main difficulty is that you got several audiences
> sitting in there, that are expecting something different?

Yep. There will be sysadmins, Linux hobbiests, novice programmers, journeyman 
programmers, expert programmers. My goal is to:

1) Show them "you can do it"
2) Show them "Look what you can do"

All that in at most 1.5 hours including questions.



Steve Litt
Recession Relief Package