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Hey guys!

So I've been working in the past few days in a little app to put some
of my Lua skills in practice and scractch a little itch I had.

Check it out: . There's some
documentation and honesty in the README

It's a small application to read joystick inputs and map it to OS
shell commands. It uses Lua extensively as a DSL for the mapping of
buttons to commands, I have no parsers at all... just plain Lua.
The code has been lualinted and still has some "warnings" (some global
variables that I plan to squash while learning more about environments
and the registry). The design is VERY simple and naive, but it works
fine and I'm cheating here and calling this a 1.0 release. It uses the
Linux kernel API to read the joystick (because I'm lazy) so it works
only under Linux, BUT I plan in fixing that

But where I really would like your help is in the DSL part, plenty of
examples in the 'mapping' directory. I'm not gonna go into details now
about how I implemented it, I'd like you to look at it (if you want,
of course), and give me feedback. Is it cool? Is it nice to write,
read and remember (very important for me!)? Is it harmful in any way
(I'm sure the creative minds here will find nice ways to break it).

I had enormus amount of fun writing this and using it in combination
with this
. Hope someone finds this useful.

Sorry for the wall of text. I'm out :)