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On 1/31/11 10:27 AM, Petite Abeille wrote:
Hmmm... is that obsession with "taking off" a form of personal insecurity?

No, but if you are being responsible when choosing your programming language, it causes you to stop and ask: "Is there a *good* reason this hasn't taken off?"

Also, if I'm an open source project, the probability of getting someone else to help with the project is some function of the popularity of the language in which it is written. The fact that nobody knows Modula is almost certainly one of the reasons the autoconf tools suck so badly. Going in and knocking off a sharp corner, fixing a bug, or even making something significantly better is hard when nobody knows the implementation language.

Finally, there's support. I recall the Adobe team commenting that they had to write a *LOT* of tool support for Lua when they used. Sorry. Most companies don't have that kind of resource. If the language is popular, *I* won't have to do that work.

I have no particular opinion about whether Lua should or should not be more popular. However, the fact that it is or isn't has significant social effects.