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> As a long time newbie(yes possible if you code < 2hrs a week!) I disagree
> with this. Experts can subscribe to the newbie list and vice versa. I have
> twice tried to push for a tutor list and would personally feel more
> comfortable there.

This position lacks context.  Lua is not isolated, far from it.  It is
a tool used for a task.  Often in programming, a task may suddenly
benefit from expert manipulation of a tool.  Moreover, just listening
to experts discuss viewpoints is beneficial.  The shortcuts, the
abstract discussion, the rejecting of the naive solution, that is what
you gain by having one list.

How experts gain expertise is a thing usually forgotten by experts.
This is why we do not, in general pick experts to create policy, but
to implement it.

Finally, OSI/FOSS etc software is built on sharing of knowledge.  How
then can one justify not sharing?  You can't pay back those who helped
you , often enough, but you can pay it forward.