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Hi all,
I just tried to replace ou vanilla lua51.dll with the luaJIT one.
After a few tests with some scripts, i have strictly no performance gain between both versions. Even worse : in some cases, luaJIT is slower than lua51. I am sure to use the right LUA DLL, as the "jit" object exists when i link with luaJIT. I tried also to "force" the JIT system with jit.on(true, true) at the beginning of my tests scripts : no effect.

I guess that i forgot something at the installation or run level. Any idea ?
Or do you have a typical bench script, in order for me to be sure that i can reproduce the same environnement than in the benchmark page of luaJIT ?

Thanks for your help,

Rgds, Sylvain.

Sylvain FABRE
Fixe: 09 72 11 30 24
Mobile: 06 30 12 72 34
Fax : 09 72 11 10 71