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On 17/01/2011 16:22, Norman Clarke wrote:
Why your project is better?

Why does it have to be "better?"

I started my driver because I wanted features that one didn't have,
didn't feel like adopting a project that had been abandoned since
2009, and wanted to take the opportunity to learn more about
programming in C.

If you think I'm somehow harming the Lua community by releasing
another Postgres driver, then you can console yourself with the fact
that it has only one follower on Github. :)

Perhaps the question would have been better asked as "how your project is different", then... (You answered it...)

There is nothing wrong with having choice in libraries, IMHO.
But it is better/nicer to have information on the different choices: users investigating the field can be confused by the amount of choice, and can loose lot of time to track down pros and cons of each one.

Philippe Lhoste
--  (near) Paris -- France
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