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On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 11:19, Ed <> wrote:

> 5. lua-pgsql
> High-level, PostgreSQL-specific, support almost all libpq fetures:
> NOTIFY support (IMHO unuseable - NOTIFY poll);
> large object support;
> asynchronously operations support.

I wanted to avoid starting "yet another" project, so a few months ago
I spent almost 2 weeks patching this driver in order to fix broken
features and documentation, and make it stop leaking memory like
crazy. The project appears to have been abandoned by the developer
when it was in a fairly early implementation stage, and has some
quirky behavior, like insisting on 0-indexed arrays in places that
don't make any sense in Lua. I would recommend against using it
unless/until it gets a lot of maintenance.