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On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 14:16, Ed <> wrote:
> On 01/17/11 13:29, Norman Clarke wrote:
>> On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 11:19, Ed<>  wrote:
>>> 5. lua-pgsql
>>> High-level, PostgreSQL-specific, support almost all libpq fetures:
>>> NOTIFY support (IMHO unuseable - NOTIFY poll);
>>> large object support;
>>> asynchronously operations support.
>> I wanted to avoid starting "yet another" project, so a few months ago
>> I spent almost 2 weeks patching this driver in order to fix broken
>> features and documentation, and make it stop leaking memory like
>> crazy.
> ok.
> But what about this:
>> 3. Lua-PgSQL
>> High-level, PostgreSQL-specific.
>> NOTIFY support with my patch (sleep awaiting NOTIFY)
> Why your project is better?

Why does it have to be "better?"

I started my driver because I wanted features that one didn't have,
didn't feel like adopting a project that had been abandoned since
2009, and wanted to take the opportunity to learn more about
programming in C.

If you think I'm somehow harming the Lua community by releasing
another Postgres driver, then you can console yourself with the fact
that it has only one follower on Github. :)