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On 01/17/11 10:02, Marc Balmer wrote:
Quite obviously the Lua language designers made it waaay to easy to
integrate Lua with C code ;)

Can we please add some complexity and obscurity, please...?

I think Lua need:
 - one universal interface (like dbi or luasql);
- MAY BE one PostgreSQL-specific interface (like STPeters Lua-PgSQL) for support PostgreSQL features like NOTIFY;
 - MAY BE one low-level libpq binding.

For now we have:
1. LuaSQL
High-level, universal (ODBC, ADO, Oracle, MySQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL).

2. LuaDBI
High-level, universal (DB2, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite).

3. Lua-PgSQL
High-level, PostgreSQL-specific.
NOTIFY support with my patch (sleep awaiting NOTIFY)

4. Lua Postgres
High-level, PostgreSQL-specific.

5. lua-pgsql
High-level, PostgreSQL-specific, support almost all libpq fetures:
NOTIFY support (IMHO unuseable - NOTIFY poll);
large object support;
asynchronously operations support.

6. LuaPSQL
Low-level libpq binding.

7. Unpublished Marc's interface
High-level, PostgreSQL-specific.
NOTIFY support (callback on NOTIFY)

Does anyone know another? ;)