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On Monday 17 January 2011 10:22:29 Norman Clarke wrote:

> I started my driver because I wanted features that one didn't have,
> didn't feel like adopting a project that had been abandoned since
> 2009, and wanted to take the opportunity to learn more about
> programming in C.
> If you think I'm somehow harming the Lua community by releasing
> another Postgres driver, then you can console yourself with the fact
> that it has only one follower on Github. :)

Hi Norman,

There's absolutely no way of preventing additional/auxiliary projects in the 
free software world, so there's no reason for you to feel guilty or for anyone 
else to lay a guilt trip on you. You made something a little different from 
existing software, and were nice enough to give it to the world.


Steve Litt
Recession Relief Package