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On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 11:23 PM, Chris Babcock <> wrote:
> Derived authority is still an important part of many individual's
> frame of reference, but I'll never understand it well enough to offer
> any constructive advice. ;)

Yes, it's the classic 'X says Y' - as monkeys we look at the value of
X before evaluating Y ;)

An informal group is all it takes, providing that group can focus on
results and not degenerate into bikeshedding (my favourite word of
2010.) and the sharing of opinions. The code is the proof of such
efforts, and is not a demonstration of individual brilliance but
something practical and well-documented that provides guidance by

> The Kepler project is a good example of the kind of effort that is
> possible in the Lua community.

Very much so, but Kepler had both vision and funding.

steve d.