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On Wednesday 12 January 2011 04:03:17 steve donovan wrote:
> [1] and sure, there are schemes which allow obj.method(args), no
> colon. But you pay a double price; they are not as efficient and they
> will confuse everybody else.

ROFLMAO! I wrote the entirety of the Lua version of UMENU and the Lua EMDL to 
UMENU converter using obj.method(args). I don't know anything about 
efficiency, but I found it useful that things aborted instantly when I used 
the wrong method name. It seemed very clean to me.

You bring up a good point -- I'll have to have a comment at the top explaining 
why it's obj.method(args) instead of either obj:method(args) or 
obj.method(obj, args).

So I guess I abused closures, huh?  :-)



Steve Litt
Recession Relief Package