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On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 10:37 AM, Steve Litt <> wrote:
I wrote the entirety of the Lua version of UMENU and the Lua EMDL to
UMENU converter using obj.method(args).

That's another instance of the problem under the recurring "we want a blessed stdlib" rants: the problem isn't that you did something unidiomatic in Lua, it is that you did it in good faith. You couldn't identify an established normal way of doing common stuff in Lua.

Compare this to Python: in Python, you can do bad stuff: abuse lambdas, use loops where list comprehensions would do, go to ridiculous lengths to reimplement the wheel, etc. But if you do it, the community's reaction to your code would be an emphatic "yuk!", you'd need a lot of bad faith for you to ignore, and your code would be ignored anyway. The possibility to easily discrimiate between idiomatic Python and unidiomatic Python is the key features that lead to the language's wealth of decent libraries, and that Lua misses.

Lua hasn't got this informal quality of making it easy to telling idiomatic and unidiomatic code apart. The reasons, I believe, is lack of incentive, not technical limitations:

The question behind the stdlib pleas is, could some of the's legitimity be rubbed off to a team of volunteers? I haven't seen any clear response from the team about this, but the Linus answer ("show me the code first", and here, "show me your ability to organize and to settle disagreements") would seem appropriate to me.