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On Thursday 13 January 2011 02:28:10 steve donovan wrote:
> An informal group is all it takes, providing that group can focus on
> results and not degenerate into bikeshedding (my favourite word of
> 2010.) and the sharing of opinions. The code is the proof of such
> efforts, and is not a demonstration of individual brilliance but
> something practical and well-documented that provides guidance by
> example.

Good luck with that.

If I were in your position (actually I have been), I'd roll my own, document 
it, put it out there, and publicize it. It just might happen that people like 
it and modify it, and you put in the modifications you like.

After switching to Linux in 2001 and no longer having an outliner, I totally 
kludged something together with some vi command sequences, some perl scripts, 
and Vim. I called it VimOutliner. People much better than I took over the 
project and there are now hundreds or thousands of people using it, and man, 
they're devoted.

Here's the story of the first few years of VimOutliner:

Tell you what. If you ever create a quick developing Lua GUI tool with forms, 
fields, picklists, and a reasonable access to Postgres, I'll write the 


Steve Litt
Recession Relief Package