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On Thu, Nov 25, 2010 at 19:01, Mark Hamburg <> wrote:
>        `do `[ args `] `=> exprlist `end
> But then Lua needs to implement the appropriate semantic changes because this would have different effects from:
>        `do `[ args `] `return exprlist `end
But what happens in the second case if you call the inner function
after the outer one has returned?

    foo = {}
    function bar()
        foo.baz = do[] return "Something" end

    foo.baz() --> an error should be raised.

    function bar()
        local _R = true

        foo.baz = do[]
            if _R
            then return "Whatever"
            else error()  end

        _R = false
        -- <----------- return goes here.

-- Pierre-Yves