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>> I'm not so sure about that.  Those nil-terminated arrays seem worth
>> fixing to me because they are regular surprise for newcomers.

They certainly are.  They certainly are indeed.


N00b opinion alert:  and OT too.

I came to Lua , or rather am coming to Lua, via Perl -> Ruby -> Python.
There certainly is a lot to disagree with from Mr Graham, but this
particular article strikes a chord in me.
I love both Perl and Python, but definitely Python is a LFM.  I've got
some thoughts, not altogether pleasant, about what quick, convenient
access to information via search and wiki has done to the collective
mindset, which I will refrain from describing here, but I always felt
that the interpreter/compiler should be the one to limit you, and not
the guy who fills in on sick days.  I don't recall that attitude at
all with Perl, we used to go into work every day whistling, knowing
that no solution would not be accepted.  That 'glass ceiling' comment
really struck home.  I remember volunteering for more and more admin
tasks because of hitting that...

Just some thoughts.  I miss Perl programming sometimes, I miss that
attitude.  I loved it back then, but my firm belief is that a man must
leave 2 types of things behind:  What he hates, and what he loves.

I'm not sure which class Lua fits into here, but certainly, I would
have chosen it over python had I known more about it.   Thank Bram
from Vim for that, I compiled it into vim as soon as I saw it, and I'm
loving it ;)

Are 5.1 and 5.2 that much different? ( Frets the learner?)

Kevin Beckford
Internet Conservationalist