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On 11/20/2010 03:59 PM, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
It is not a good reason to CAPTIALIZE a FUNCTION name.

The all-caps names in bit32 are clearly not ideal but I don't see that
they warrant such a fuss. Yes, they look like assembly directives and
that's on purpose. Of all the alternatives we considered (like the ones
suggested here), this one sucked less and had the clear advantage of
being different yet consistent with common asm use. If you think the
all-caps names are shouting, please do use your own local names (or
even rename them directly in bit32). No one wants to write code with
complicated expressions involving bit32.AND and bit32.XOR, whatever the
actual names are.

You post work releases and ask for feedback. I don't see that my question and comment regarding capitalization of the bit library functions really constitutes as such a "fuss" and I'm sorry if you have taken it that way. At least we can agree that the all caps suck ;)

I'm not sure what happened with this release. The Lua team seems to be ultra sensitive and defensive to any criticism. I know its difficult to please everyone. I know you'll do what you want because, after all, its your language. Forget all the caps and the semantics and the differences, the worst change I see in Lua 5.2 is attitude.