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zhiguo zhao wrote:
>    I like new feature of 5.2, I like high speed of luajit2.
>    Any plan for lua2 support 5.2?

Currently no.

IMHO adoption of Lua 5.2 will be rather slow. It breaks many
extension modules, it lacks any real killer features and it ain't
faster for sure. I guess 5.2 will be the 'Vista' of Lua releases.

So which features of Lua 5.2 do you really want to see in LuaJIT?
You can get most of them with add-ons for 5.1. And LuaJIT already
includes the two top features on the wishlist (bit ops and yield

I'm not going to start sorting out the API/ABI compatibility mess
until I see developers jumping ship in hordes. LuaJIT has a
user-base, too. And they don't like 'breaking' changes. However I
might pick individual features (like __pairs) if they are easy to
integrate and upwards-compatible. I'm open to suggestions.