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On Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 11:13 AM, Joshua Jensen <> wrote:
>> The thing is, of course, is that "judging by the number of discussions on
>> this mailing" _isn't_ a reasonable way to judge importance.
> So what is a reasonable way to judge importance then?  A survey?  A phone
> call?  Python has it?  A willingness to pony up money to have it
> implemented?

Dunno, I guess compelling arguments about how half of all code can be
sped up by 10x would suffice.  But one thing is sure, people on this
list, while being generally very smart and having lots of good ideas,
_also_ love to blather on endlessly about even the most trivial
topics.  I'm not saying that's bad, mind you, simply a mark of a
friendly, informal, and outspoken community.

[The phenomena of bike-shedding is also connected I think -- in many
instances, people tend to comment more on topics simply because
they're easy and painless to comment about, not because they're
proportionally more important than lesser-commented-upon topics.]


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