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On 18 Mar 2010, at 5:30 PM, Xico leite wrote:

> but wsapi needs to run over a server ... well, ill take a look first,
> and also i have some headaches with cgi/fastcgi drives ...

If you start looking at or attempting to tweak the way the modules work, it gets confusing, but FastCGI (webserver connector) + WSAPI (request/response wrapper) + CGILua (dynamic pages) does run well under a web server of your choice (Lighttpd, Nginx, …). However if you are looking at ways of simplifying / optimising / enhancing there are certainly more than one of us who've decided to reinvent the wheel to our own specification.

> any comments about the "persistence database"?

If all you want is persistence for a webapp there are better ways. The goals of OFF-System seem to have a very specific use-case, or are you developing something along those lines?

I use multiple FCGI processes, and currently like the NoSQL approach, so sharing common data was an issue. I implemented a 'shared table' [cache-cum-database] process, with [disk] persistence through SQLite. But there's nowt wrong with using SQL for persistence as in a more typical webapp architecture. 

What are your goals? If you're attempting to implement some degree of data untraceability, a technicality like fragmented and anonymised data still doesn't prevent the interpretation of intent/purpose under law. Although it should make forensics harder.

I will be adding some form of multi-node replication to my 'shared table' solution, but that's a low-priroity right now, however if anyone wants to collaborate do let me know, otherwise I'll release it when I'm less embarrassed by it.