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plugin like lighttpd has, ill atach the "persistence database" and
"off-system library" on server process, so plugin will be a lua
metaclasse that will be loaded into server process...

cgi ... well when i ask on kepler list about it, they said that lua
pages runs under cgi...have u already take a look at server variables

well, i create a "lp" global var that have some methods like
"lp.header( name,value ), lp.cookie( ... ), lp.write( ... ),
lp.vars['??'] lp.req['??']" all pages need a header, cookie, something
to display, server variables and request variables ...

2010/3/18 Sam Roberts <>:
> On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 9:34 AM, Xico leite <> wrote:
>> well, thanks for all responses ...
>> first, sorry for my poor english....
>> Why another web server?:
>> Xavante is a good one but its not extensible and doesnt support
> Don't know about extensible. Or what you mean by plugin.
>> plugins and also uses cgi gateway, come on cgi is slow!
> But I'm confused by this. It uses wsapi to talk to its apps, like
> sputnik, where does CGI come into this?
>> So, im working in a very simple but configurable server who runs over
>> luasocket and copas.
> If it implements the server side of wsapi, then it can host existing apps.
> Sam