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well, thanks for all responses ...
first, sorry for my poor english....

Why another web server?:
Xavante is a good one but its not extensible and doesnt support
plugins and also uses cgi gateway, come on cgi is slow!
So, im working in a very simple but configurable server who runs over
luasocket and copas.
im trying to work with a lua pages philosophy - a good point to make
it will host a database, like java does.
All data will be stored in a big table or several chained tables so
all data will be available for each request, and then its

So we got "mexerica" (web server)  "no name" (presistence database)
"gnutella3" (off-system library)

i intent to make something like this in lua (persistence)

all responses are well come! ...

2010/3/18 steve donovan <>
> On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 4:48 PM, Phoenix Sol <> wrote:
> >> link and marvel...
> >
> > Pretty interesting link.
> Entertaining semantic footwork...but I don't think a hard-nosed court
> would buy the argument that the plaintiff did not have the copyrighted
> work, only access to distributed binary chunks.
> Anyway, it seems that a number of people are building their own Lua
> web servers in garages.  What's wrong with Xavante?