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On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 8:09 PM, Sam Roberts <> wrote:
> Might such a technique be
>useful as a more space efficient local filesystem, for example. And if
>so, then would the processing overhead outweigh any advantage gained.

yes, you can store a file in january in china and go offline, and
download the file in march in USA
the file storage is better , because it is decentral, no risk of data
lost and no crash.

>> Offload is storing files by XORing the file, that means, the chunks
>> have no relation to the original file.
> Yes they do, they are an encrypted version of the original file. The
> encryption key is the same size as the chunk, and the algorithm is
> xor, but it's still an encrypted movie.

no it is not encypted, you just have an operation, which is 7-2 = 5
so if you have the 5, you need the operation and the value,
but the operation can be as well 3+2=5, so what will you do with the 5?
You can implement 2 files into one block. and without the off-torrent
you cannot resore the file.
no one first can say, you restored it, and second, no one can say,
which operation you do with 5.

> lawyers, how can you say there isn't even a "risk" of being sued?

it is not forbidden to route random data, otherwise https to google
would be forbidden.

> Remember napster? Napster's servers had no content on them at all, and
> they were still taken down.

there is no central server, yes, the thing you need and have to look
for is the off-url
which is just a http with numbers. Numbers are not forbidden.