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thanks again ...

ill consider all this before develop ...
im not sure, but i have post it a long time ago with another
e-mail...on kepler br list.
my first need was develop web pages but i found it very difficult so i
switch to php, where i start to understand it all (socket, request,
server vars ... ) also thanks to firefox (firebug) ... my mom, dad,
girlfried ... :DDD

2010/3/18 Yuri Takhteyev <>:
>> cgi ... well when i ask on kepler list about it, they said that lua
>> pages runs under cgi...have u already take a look at server variables
>> response?
> I can't find the thread you are referring to, but I am guessing that
> what they meant is that lua pages are usually used with "CGILua"
> (though they don't have to be). CGILua is Kepler's older framework,
> which actually has little to do with CGI today. (It did at some point
> in the past, hence the name.) CGILua supports PHP-style web
> development and used to be the main option for Kepler.
> Since then, Kepler introduced a new API, which is WSAPI. CGILua has
> been ported to WSAPI, so you can still use it, but some of us have
> then found that it is actually easier to build applications directly
> on WSAPI. This has lead to somewhat a decline in the popularity of
> CGILua, it seems. Additionally, Fabio has been spending time on a
> newer framework (Orbit), which is closer to MVC. However, one can
> still use CGILua and one can also use the lua pages module directly.
> Xavante itself does not use CGI and in fact is an _alternative_ to it.
> A web app written using WSAPI can be run on CGI or FastCGI or Xavante.
> To illustrate, here are just a few of the possible stacks:
> Xavante - WSAPI - CGILua - an app using Lua Pages
> CGI - WSAPI - Orbit - an app written using Orbit and Orbit pages
> FastCGI - WSAPI - Sputnik - an app written by customizing Sputnik
> CGI - WSAPI - an app using WSAPI directly
> CGI - WSAPI - a wsapi filter - another wsapi filter - an app using
> WSAPI directly
> Note that if you add a new WSAPI implementation, then you can use all
> existing WSAPI applications on top of it. Similarly, if you write a
> WSAPI application, you can run it on any WSAPI implementation.
> - yuri