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Thanks, Yuri! I would just like to add that adding WSAPI support for
your server is not hard; it is basically the CGI metavariables of
RFC3875. See,
a toy webserver that uses Copas and an LPEG header parser based on Zed
Shaw's parser for Mongrel, and only runs WSAPI scripts (does not even
serve static files). The whole thing is less then 200 lines of Lua

Fabio Mascarenhas

On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 2:37 PM, Yuri Takhteyev <> wrote:
>> cgi ... well when i ask on kepler list about it, they said that lua
>> pages runs under cgi...have u already take a look at server variables
>> response?
> I can't find the thread you are referring to, but I am guessing that
> what they meant is that lua pages are usually used with "CGILua"
> (though they don't have to be). CGILua is Kepler's older framework,
> which actually has little to do with CGI today. (It did at some point
> in the past, hence the name.) CGILua supports PHP-style web
> development and used to be the main option for Kepler.
> Since then, Kepler introduced a new API, which is WSAPI. CGILua has
> been ported to WSAPI, so you can still use it, but some of us have
> then found that it is actually easier to build applications directly
> on WSAPI. This has lead to somewhat a decline in the popularity of
> CGILua, it seems. Additionally, Fabio has been spending time on a
> newer framework (Orbit), which is closer to MVC. However, one can
> still use CGILua and one can also use the lua pages module directly.
> Xavante itself does not use CGI and in fact is an _alternative_ to it.
> A web app written using WSAPI can be run on CGI or FastCGI or Xavante.
> To illustrate, here are just a few of the possible stacks:
> Xavante - WSAPI - CGILua - an app using Lua Pages
> CGI - WSAPI - Orbit - an app written using Orbit and Orbit pages
> FastCGI - WSAPI - Sputnik - an app written by customizing Sputnik
> CGI - WSAPI - an app using WSAPI directly
> CGI - WSAPI - a wsapi filter - another wsapi filter - an app using
> WSAPI directly
> Note that if you add a new WSAPI implementation, then you can use all
> existing WSAPI applications on top of it. Similarly, if you write a
> WSAPI application, you can run it on any WSAPI implementation.
> - yuri