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2010/2/18 Luís Eduardo Jason Santos <>:
> I was just hoping (and I believe others were too) that the efforts of
> defining the successor structure for LuaForge were done by now.

There hasn't been much action for a while, I suspect that Andre has a
serious job ;)

> Since we're still unable to update our website on LuaForge, I believe the
> best thing to do is to move the website to GitHub, and ask the LuaForge team
> to install a redirect on

This is an irritating for anybody wishing to update their pages, in fact Andre was offering to upload stuff
for people.

At the time, there was a serious proposal to get an 'interim' luaforge
replacement up using Drupal, but the dog-fooders (including myself)
felt that it had to be Lua-based.  Maybe it would not have been such a
bad idea (the concern was that any 'interim' solution would become the
final solution.)

But this crisis goes beyond language pride?

On another note, it would be useful if big LuaForge project owners
would drop a status report into lua-l occaisionally. Many people did
not know that Kepler had migrated en masse to github.

steve d.