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It seems there have been several attempts over the years to make a Lua plugin for Eclipse 
but all of them appear to be dead or at least dormant and have been that way for a couple years.

Its time for a resurrection.

1. The most recent appears to be
But the download link,  no longer seems to work, and I can not find any other
link to the source code.

2. The Lua Eclipse project is a bit older but at least still has a working link to the source code.

3. There is also the ancient which is the oldest of the all
and probably not worth trying to resurrect at this point.

The Dynamic Language Toolkit for Eclipse aims at making it easier to write dynamic language 
plugins for eclipse, already there is a working Ruby, Python, and TLC plugins which utilize 
the DLTK I think it would be a good idea to base any future efforts 
around the DLTK.

Eclipse has steadily improved over the years and is now a first class industry grade programming
environment, having a working Lua environment for Eclipse would probably go a long way towards
easing Lua adoption in certain circles.

Frankly I'm surprised and disappointed that this doesn't already exist.

Is anyone interested in working on a project like this?

Best regards,
Alex Combas