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Alex Combas wrote:
It seems there have been several attempts over the years to make a Lua plugin for Eclipse but all of them appear to be dead or at least dormant and have been that way for a couple years.

Its time for a resurrection.

... we're not dead yet =;-)

2. The Lua Eclipse project is a bit older but at least still has a working link to the source code.

The project has moved it's source off of luaforge due, as I understand,
to a mostly unresponsive administration of the site.

The source is alive and well and living on github with a couple of
development forks.

Frankly I'm surprised and disappointed that this doesn't already exist.

We've incorporated LuaEclipse into our Storyboard Suite, and embedded user
interface design and development package, which is also Eclipse based:

Is anyone interested in working on a project like this?

Actively working on it and pushing out patches back.  After the discussion
a couple of weeks ago about a Lua debugger, I was going to get some
screenshots up on the Crank blog of the work we're doing to generalize
the LuaEclipse debugger and allow some extra plugin functionality to the
main framework.

I agree with you that Eclipse is a great platform for this kind of work.
No use re-inventing the wheel when so much of the basic framework for
'language development tooling' is already available.

Thomas Fletcher
Crank Software Inc.